Property Managers and Real Estate Agents in Zetland

We are the leading real estate agents and property managers in the Zetland area. Based in Rosebery, we service locals with superior services that raise your returns and revenue, whether you are looking to buy, sell or lease out your valuable investment. Entrusting your home to us is a move in the right direction.

We have a thorough record of achieving consistent results. Having operated through the local market for many years, we possess a deep understanding of the local real estate trends and fluctuations. Our expertise means our agents know the correct time for you to enter the market.

With friendly and warm customer service, we have a superior attention to detail that means we will complete each transaction perfectly, every time.

If you want to sell your property

When you want to sell and move into a larger home, downsize upon retirement, or make the next step as an astute investor, our team is here for you. With many years of experience in Zetland and throughout the Sydney property market, we will deliver the best possible results to you when it comes to selling your property, from initial property appraisals to finalising the sale.

When you want to buy

We assist you to find the property for you – the perfect balance between your ideal budget and the perfect features for you and your family. Alternatively, we will guide you through the investment process and assist you in finding a property that will maximise your returns in the long term.

If you’re an investor, our property managers will assist you

Our rental managers are dedicated to providing you the most comprehensive service available on the market. With years of experience, they will attend to your tenants in a friendly manner, and help you grow your investment.

How can we help you succeed?

Throughout the Zetland and Alexandria areas, we will be more than happy to assist.

Should you have questions about your upcoming transaction, wish to list your property, or require property appraisals or diligent rental managers in Zetland, contact our Rosebery-based team.


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