Thinking of selling your house? Consider renovating it before putting it on the market!

At first, the idea may seem strange as you won't get to enjoy the renovations yourself. But there are several reasons why it's a worthwhile investment. In fact, Australians spent over $1 billion per month on home renovations in 2021!

Here are the top considerations for renovating before selling:

1.Renovating Increases the Market Price: Renovations can significantly boost your property's value. Consult with an experienced selling agent to determine which renovations will add the most value. Whether it's a complete overhaul or small cosmetic repairs, the quality of design and finishes will influence the impact on market price.

2. Renovating and Maintenance Protects Your Sale Price: Ensure your property is in good condition before selling. Conduct pre-sale pest and building inspections to address any issues upfront. By rectifying problems beforehand, you can avoid obstacles during price negotiations and protect the agreed sale price.

3. Renovating Helps You Keep Up with Trends: Buyers want a property that aligns with current trends. Stay on top of home design and interior trends to make your house more attractive. Expanding living space or creating a comfortable home workspace can add significant value, especially in the era of remote work.

Remember, it's essential not to overcapitalize on renovations. Seek advice from us to make informed decisions based on factors like location, market conditions, and comparable sales.

Renovating your home before selling can be a wise investment if you choose the right renovations. The experts at Britton Real Estate are here to assist you in determining which improvements will benefit your future plans. Get in touch with them today to prepare your home for a successful sale!