When it comes to your home, bigger isn’t always better. In fact, while many people think that living in a small house or apartment is a disadvantage, there are many benefits to small space living that people in larger dwellings miss out on.

While a big advantage is money-saving, small space living also lends itself to a number of decorating tricks and imaginative solutions that can turn even the tiniest of spaces into a stylish and practical abode.

  • You have to be more selective with furniture

Some people may see this as a negative, but having to be selective about your furniture is a great way to help you hone in on the exact look you want for your space.

If you only have space for one accent chair, for example, you’ll want to hold out until you find the best one for your space. Likewise, it’ll make you really consider what kind of pictures and other decorative accents to dot the room with.

This is also a potential money-saver and will prevent you from buying anything frivolous.

  • There’s less to clean and maintain

One of the benefits of small homes we can probably all get behind is that there’s less to clean! It’s easier to keep on top of cleaning a small home, your cleaning products will go further and you’ll have more time for other things — such as new and creative ways to make the most of your space.

  • It’s easier to update your style

Having a small home means you have less stuff, and this makes the occasional decor update much more manageable. This makes changing your seasonal decor or keeping up with the latest trends much easier. Switching out small pieces such as throw pillows, accents and rugs also makes a bigger impact in a smaller space.

  • You can get creative with storage

Experienced small-home dwellers know all about maximizing the space they do have. So if you can’t go horizontally, go vertically instead! Installing shelving in place of a bedside table or above the TV or desk is a great way to maximize space but still keep your home looking put-together. And a bit of skilled shelf-styling goes a long way to make your shelving double as useful and decorative.

  • There’s no dead space

In a large house, you might have one or two rooms that go largely unused. One of the best things about small-space living is that every space has a function, down to the last corner. So whether you install a home office in a bedroom or living room corner or turn an awkward space into storage, you’re likely to get the most out of your small home.

  • It forces you to be realistic about your needs

With small homes come limited storage options, which really forces you to take a step back and identify the items you need — and the items you’ve been hoarding for years. If you have a hard time letting go of things, not having enough space makes it a lot easier to make those decisions. With limited space, it’s much easier to priorities.

It can also help you pare down your belongings and get rid of any duplicates or extras that are taking up valuable storage space, such as linens, bedding and towels.

  • It’s easier to create a whole-home aesthetic

Most of us have a pretty defined style that we love, and each room in our home tends to reflect that. But it’s not always easy when those rooms are spread out, with hallways and foyers interspersed between them.

Living in a small space makes it much easier to carry a particular style throughout your home. A small home also benefits from a whole-home aesthetic; too much change from room to room can create a chaotic, unbalanced look.

Explore interesting decor options

Need to section off part of your living room for an office? Want to make the space look more open with a macramé curtain? Whatever your design challenges in your small space, they’re a great opportunity to flex your design muscles and get really creative.

Employ small-space decorating tips and tricks you haven’t been able to use before, and have fun creating a home that really communicates your personality.





 Article from: realestate.com.au

Picture from: google image